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APT stands for Accentuate Positive Thinking and APTacious is living a life of Positivity, Optimisim, and Strength. The Network is a group of individuals helping us focus on that. Maybe you lost focus due negative circumstances. The Network will help you regain your focus and support you in staying focused.

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More than just networking, we are communicating and sharing ways to live our best lives. It started with a positivity luncheon and grew to our annual event. The Annual APTacious Experience is a conference that brings many individuals together to strengthen their Personal and Professional Development. This wonderful group blossomed into a bouquet of people learning and connecting; hence, the APTacious Network was formed. While APTacious was born from Time to APT (Accentuate Positive Thinking), founded by Dr. June Hall (, The APTacious Network is built on the participants… our APTers! Join us for monthly events, connections, giveaways, and fun!

The APTacious Network is built on the participants… our APTers!

“The APTacious luncheon was not only fun but also uplifting. I’ve learned the importance of realizing not all days are going to be peachy however wallowing in my sorrows is not OWNING my feelings. I love the challenge that was presented in having a game plan; what activities can you do to own your feelings and repair your emotional health?”

– Fionna

“Thank you Dr. June for teaching us how to APT  today!! Loved the example of “air-writing” your biggest fear and bundling it up to throw in the huge trash can that she delivered to every table!! Now I know how to release it, squash it and let it go!! You are a blessing and your program was so FUN!!”

– Sheila

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