The APTacious Events are Personal. We offer tips to share ways to enjoy YOU and reinforce the positive that is sometimes forgotten. Remember, “As long as you still have life, each day offers you an opportunity to do something towards your goal”. Professional. Whether you are employed for yourself or an organization, YOU can make the most of any opportunity. Powerful. So much enthusiasm. So many connections. So much positive energy to rev YOUR engines and keep YOU POSITIVELY moving forward. 

From small sessions… larger groups

“When I started attending the APTacious Event the first year, it gave me an opportunity to network with other like-minded people, enhancing our development.

Dr. June knows the power of gathering us with this intention, and she is a powerhouse of her own positivity.

She shines this same strength into all of us when we gather with her.

She extends her heart-centered encouragement and brings us great speakers who also uplift and inform our personal and professional growth.

She inspires me each year to expand my own positivity in my personal well-being, my professional career, and the group coaching events I now offer.

Our current times require our positivity to have a back-up supply always on hand. I look forward to recharging at this year’s event, as well as giving back some of what Dr. June so generously offers us in an afternoon breakout session about Life Optimization. Thank you, Dr. June for your consistent, important message and delivering valuable content at your events.”

 – Janet Arnold, Life Optimization Coach

“After my daughter experienced a torn ACL our fun summer plans of being on a competitive sports travel team turned into basic struggles of day to day activities.   At our lowest moment in this struggle we attended one of Dr. Junes seminars.  After the seminar we both felt emotionally stronger.

The APTAcious seminar enlightened my daughter and I on three key principles: positivity, mindfulness, and courage. We both felt a renewed sense of energy and my daughter put her energy into returning to her sport and I was motivated to start the home business I had been putting off.

Great things keep happening! Dr. June’s positive attitude and influence have been a great inspiration for both my daughter and me.”

– Kathy Norman, Online Sales